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On the Side of Weims

Club Interests

The DVWC makes available names of individuals who have puppies (and sometimes adults) available or are planning a future litter. All people referred are members of the DVWC and/or Weimaraner Club of America which has a breeder’s code of ethics. While not endorsing any particular breeder we have personal knowledge of these people who are active in the AKC’s sport of dogs.

For names and other information about owning a Weimaraner contact:
Carole Richards, Public Education and Breeder Referral, 856-854-6336 or email: zarasweimaraners@yahoo.com


    Sue Ramspacher

Vice President:
    Kim Petri

    Brian Hess

    John Bonner

Board Members:
    Diana Rehborn
    Beth Hacker
    Melissa Hampton

Weimaraner in woods

Articles Published in the "AKC Gazette" by DVWC member Carole Richards:

All articles are reprinted with the permission of the AKC.