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On the Side of Weims

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Originally known as the Weimer Pointer (derived from the court that sponsored the breed), the Weimaraner is a product of selective German breeding and comes from the same gene pool as other German hunting breeds, such as the Bloodhound. Its distinctive color together with its short sleek coat granted the Weimaraner with the nickname the "grey ghost".


    Melissa Hampton

Vice President:
    Beth Hacker

    Britt Emanuel

    John Bonner

Board Members:
    Sue Ramspacher
    Kim Petri
    Terry Groman

Weimaraner in woods


Buying a Puppy Over 50% of the puppies raised in the US are raised by people who NEVER have another litter. Relatively few of these people are well informed, prepared for the experience, and do a good job. They don't usually stand behind their puppies. Very few are equipped to take adequate care of all puppies until they can be placed in good homes, regardless of how long that takes.

Another LARGE PERCENTAGE of puppies are raised by "PUPPY FARMS" that sell numerous litters of many breeds, or sell to pet stores for resale. The dam is usually constantly kenneled and her only purpose in life is to be breed and thus be a moneymaker.

That leaves a relatively small percentage of puppies being raised by experienced people who are dedicated to one or two breeds and raising puppies for reasons other than maximum profit. Not all of these breeders are knowledgeable and conscientious.


Puppy Referral

The DVWC makes available names of individuals who have puppies (and sometimes adults) available or are planning a future litter. All people referred are members of the DVWC and/or Weimaraner Club of America which has a breeder’s code of ethics. While not endorsing any particular breeder we have personal knowledge of these people who are active in the AKC's sport of dogs.

For names and other information about owning a Weimaraner contact:
Sue Ramspacher, 215-257-1492 or email: Brooksideweims@gmail.com