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On the Side of Weims

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Originally known as the Weimer Pointer (derived from the court that sponsored the breed), the Weimaraner is a product of selective German breeding and comes from the same gene pool as other German hunting breeds, such as the Bloodhound. Its distinctive color together with its short sleek coat granted the Weimaraner with the nickname the "grey ghost".


    Melissa Hampton

Vice President:
    Beth Hacker

    Britt Emanuel

    John Bonner

Board Members:
    Sue Ramspacher
    Kim Petri
    Terry Groman

Weimaraner in woods

DVWC Committees
Effective January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023
According to DVWC by-laws, the Board each year shall appoint committees to advance the work of DVWC.  The committees shall include but not be limited to: Audit, Membership, Program, Rescue, Newsletter, Specialty Show, Field Trial, Hunting Test, and Rating Test.  All committees shall be subject to the authority of the Board, including change and/or termination in the membership of a committee, except that a newly elected Board shall not change the chairman of a committee engaged in preparation for a scheduled activity until that activity takes place.
Each committee shall be comprised of a Chair who is responsible for overall direction of the committee and acts as liaison to the DVWC Board and Members who work with the Chair to implement committee objectives and activities.  Committee Chair and Members (1 to 3 of the latter depending on need) will be appointed by the Board to serve for a one-year term to coincide with the DVWC fiscal year which runs from January through December.  Each committee will submit an annual plan of action and budget to the Board and will hold periodic meetings (at least once per quarter), minutes of which will be submitted to the Board.
Committees:  The following are effective January 1 through December 31, 2023, unless determined otherwise by the DVWC Board.  Please note there are still opportunities to join the committee/s of your choice!

Audit:  Chair - Kim Petri; Members – Sue Baker, Michele Gravlin
Conduct annual review and reconciliation of prior year financial transactions including comparison of income and expense receipts to treasurer’s accounting records.

Awards: Chair -  Kim Petri; Member – Sue Baker
Organize annual member awards, solicit member input for award distribution, order plaques and award medallions.

Field Trial:  Chair – Diana Rehborn; Member – Britt Emanual
Investigate and present to DVWC Board potential field trial opportunities (either alone or in conjunction with another club), solicit approvals and organize agreed-upon events.

Hunting Test:  Chair – Diana Rehborn; Member – Britt Emanuel
Investigate and present to DVWC Board potential hunt test opportunities (either alone or in conjunction with another club), solicit approvals and organize agreed-upon events.

Membership:  Chair – Sue Baker; Member – Kim Petri
Solicit and receive new member applications, conduct prospective member interviews, submit new member recommendations to DVWC membership.

Newsletter:  Chair – Melissa Hampton; Member - Open
Develop and disseminate periodic communications to highlight club activities to members and non-members via club website and various social media venues.

Program: Chair – Open; Member – Open
Develop and implement periodic educational programs (live and / or virtual) during DVWC meetings / events; in addition to being informative to members, this also supports the club’s AKC Eligibility to Hold Future Dog Shows requirements.

Rating Test:  Chair – Kim Petri, Members – Beth Hacker, Britt Emanuel
Work with Wildlife Management Area personnel to identify potential test / practice days; solicit WCA approval to hold annual shooting / retrieving tests, organize pre-test practice/s, organize and implement ratings tests.

Specialty Show:  Chair – Sue Ramspacher; Members – Melissa Hampton, Sue Baker
Solicit WCA, AKC and all-breed club approvals to hold (up to 3) annual sweepstakes and specialty shows, identify sweepstakes judges, coordinate all show-related logistics.  In addition to Show Chair, other positions include:

    • Trophy:  Chair- Melissa Hampton
      • Solicit trophy donations, purchase trophies, distribute trophies at show.
    • Hospitality: Chair – Sue Baker
      • Solicit hospitality items from club members, coordinate day of show hospitality set up.

The following ad-hoc committee will be in effect to support the AKC-approved FAST CAT trial to be held August 24, 2023: 

FAST CAT:  Chair – Kim Petri, Members – Britt Emanuel, Sue Ramspacher, Sue Baker, Beth Hacker, Melissa Hampton
Prepare and submit AKC and Lums Pond Special Use Permit applications; coordinate activities with event secretary/lure operator; organize and oversee pre-event set-up, event logistics and work assignments, post-event break-down.

Updated: 3/21/23